Construction and Contracting

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We can be engaged as a full-blown general contractor working for you as EPC (engineering, procurement, construction), or as sub-contractor with limited scope, or project manager.

We have NABCEP licensed installers in our team to ensure industry specific know-how and continuing education. We have experience in installing fixed-tilt, single-axis, and dual-axis trackers on roof and ground-mount of major manufacturers and suppliers. Some of our work and/or our members’ work contributed to award-winning and international recognition for quality work and services.

Security, Civil Works, Foundations and Pile Driving

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Civil works, site grading, trenching, excavation geo-tech services, pull-push tests, concrete foundations, pre-drilling, pile driving, earth screws, etc. are our day-to-day general contractor business. We also build fences, surveillance media, and monitoring solutions to help secure and monitor your assets. With over thirty years experience in construction, we have seen and done it before. We own most of the construction equipment and have the right tools, experienced operators and crews to get the job done, effectively and efficiently within budget and timeline.

Operations and Maintenance

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Post sale, we serve our clients as O&M Managers and Operators with our experienced and qualified team of NABCEP installers, accountants, and legal counsel. Scope of services vary greatly by project size, location, roof or ground-mount installation, and last but not least, the client’s own resources. Following is a structured overview about services we tailor and render for you.