1 MW Plateau Park Solar Array built by Vis Solis and RSI launched in Tennesee

October 21, 2016/in Projects /by Solar Business Hub

Restoration Services, Inc. (RSI) and Vis Solis, Inc. hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the launch of their new 1 megawatt (MW) solar array, Plateau Park Solar, at Plateau Partnership Park industrial development complex in Rockwood, Tennessee. Also held at the event was a kickoff for the next solar project: Eastbridge Solar Advantage in Knox County. Community and elected officials from Rockwood, Crossville, and Roane, Morgan, and Cumberland Counties were in attendance.

Carlos Mayer, President and CEO, Vis Solis, Inc. and Managing Member of Tennessee Valley Alternative Energy LLC said:

“It takes a village to develop and install a solar project; that is what they say. While the installation of the project took less than two months, the development from having a first project idea to getting all the permits and consents needed to structure the project and to make it financeable took well over 2 years. Vis Solis is very proud building this team and the great partnership with RSI on the development side, with Brown Construction on the installation side, and with Enerparc on the financing, investing side. We also have a great relationship with the manufacturers of the key components and installed only tier 1 products from leading suppliers. Last, but not last but not least, we would not stand here today without the great relationship with TVA, Rockwood Electric Department, and the Plateau Partnership Park Development Board. Thank you to all of the stakeholders. We have several projects ahead of us as the one in Rockwood, TN is only the beginning for hopefully many more to follow.”

Plateau Park Solar is a 1 MW solar photovoltaic electric power‑generating facility developed under a partnership between RSI and Vis Solis in cooperation with Plateau Partnership Park and the city of Rockwood, Tennessee.

Engineering, procurement, and construction of Plateau Park Solar are performed by Tennessee Valley Alternative Energy as the primary subcontractor.

Paul Clay, President, Restoration Services, Inc. said:

“RSI is pleased to continue our relationship with Vis Solis to support this solar array development at Plateau Partnership Park. As an environmental services company, renewable energy is an important part of our overall mission to promote environmental stewardship.”

The project is located on a 6-acre parcel at Plateau Partnership Park, a commercial and industrial development site. Plateau Partnership Park is the product of a historic economic development partnership of Cumberland, Morgan, Knox, and Roane Counties in East Tennessee. The solar project will create a major environmental attribute for this industrial complex that is immediately adjacent to Interstate 40.

John Davis, Chairman, Industrial Development Board of the Counties of Cumberland, Morgan and Roane, Tennessee said:

“Speaking on behalf of Plateau Partnership Park, we are very excited to see the completion of the Plateau Park Solar project. RSI and Vis Solis, Inc. have been great partners to work with and we now have our first resident to Plateau Partnership Park. The Plateau Park Solar project will sell clean electric power to TVA of about 1,700,000 kWh per year. I would like to thank the work by RSI and Vis Solis, Inc. for making this a reality and also would like to thank the Board of Directors of Plateau Partnership Park and Ray Evans for their contributions on this very successful project.”

The project will sell electric power to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) through an interconnection with Rockwood Electric Utility. The 1 megawatt solar array will be constructed using 3,276 solar modules at 305 watts each. The modules will be connected to a single axis tracker to maximize generation.

System generation is estimated at approximately 1,695,000 kWh per year. That is the equivalent to CO2 emissions from 175 homes’ electrical use per year or greenhouse gas emissions from 251 passenger vehicles driven per year.

RSI and Vis Solis have three additional 1 MW sites under development in the TVA region in Knox, Putnam, and Loudon counties. We are excited to announce that we have started construction in Knox County on the Eastbridge Project.

Source: Press Release by Restoration Services, Inc. (RSI). Image Credit:Restoration Services, Inc. (RSI).
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