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William B. (Barry) Brown

Chief Executive Officer
931-339-9759 • Email

Brown Construction began as a site excavation business, over 30 years ago under the ownership of Bill Brown, Sr. Several years later, Bill’s oldest son, Barry, took the reins and expanded Brown Construction into a full service General Contractor, including being state licensed in both Alabama and Tennessee. Barry`s construction experience includes complete site work, utilities, and building construction.

In 2011, Barry qualified the company to install PV Solar Panels for Vis Solis to include turn-key solar projects. Barry had a 25-year telecommunication career prior to becoming a general contractor. His experience with voice, video and data, including fiber-optics, made him a natural for PV Solar work. Transporting telecommunications is quite similar to transporting DC voltage.

Barry manages the day-to-day-business of TVAE, as well as being directly responsible for construction of the PV systems.